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Registered Nurse Experts provides healthcare consulting and technical advice to attorneys, physicians, insurance and accreditation organizations, health professionals, private investigators, injured and 3rd parties, media and production. Our nurse experts also provide special services to hospital and nursing home risk management departments. We will advise your institution on risk prevention.

We have been offering legal nurse consultants, expert witnesses and health care consultants for nursing home negligence and conducting medical malpractice claims investigations since 1984. Our team of more than 170 healthcare consultants will investigate hospital, nursing home and nursing negligence claims and provide unbiased opinions. We will provide you with a nurse investigator, nurse consultant, or nurse paralegal whose credentials closely fit with your client's needs. We provide healthcare experts such as physical therapists, ultrasound technicians, respiratory therapists, and pharmacy expert witnesses.

Our expert witnesses are located all over the USA. We have provided our expert witness services in more than 24 states, from Florida to Hawaii and Connecticut to Texas.

Registered Nurse Experts will provide you with a health care consultant or expert witness who will stay with your case from start to finish.

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Ten reasons to choose Registered Nurse Experts, Inc.
  1. Identify meritorious cases
  2. Avoid non-rewarding litigation
  3. Locate reliable, authoritative nurse experts
  4. Prepare a conclusive legal case
  5. Sixteen years of experience in legal nurse consulting
  6. Qualified healthcare professionals with current hands-on experience
  7. Easy access to reliable service
  8. Reliable healthcare experts with excellent track records
  9. Save time
  10. $ave money

Registered Nurse Experts, Inc.

Florida Office:
14421 SW 93rd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33176

Virginia Office:
2060 Valley Springs Court
Powhatan, Virginia, 23139


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